24 May 2006


Not exactly sure why this: Insight is on top of Huffpo, but check this out, Laura Bush re Gay Marriage:

"People, I have found, over the country don't want the governor of Massachusetts or the mayor of San Francisco to make the choice for them - the courts of Massachusetts, I should say," the first lady told Fox News. "So I think it deserves debate. I think it's something that people want to talk about."

Isn't she wrong both times, though? Wasn't it was the legislature that debated and enacted whatever version it was of gay marriage that they did?

Also, as far as what Laura seems to learn "over the country," just last week we heard that Laura doesn't believe the polls when they show GWB at 30 percent, because the "people she meets" love George.

Maybe she just needs to meet some new people. What are the odds of that happening in the next 2.5 years?

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