23 June 2006

The Maddest Lib

Play along at home, America!

Concurring Opinions: Template for News Stories on Government Data Gathering

We begin to suspect that it is a part of the broad Bush PR plan to exhaust our capacity for shock and outrage, rather like a sinister lawyer will, when compelled to discover a particular incriminating document, place it among thousands or hundreds of thousands of other innocuous papers.

Standing Eight has more or less assumed since about 9-12-01 that it operates in an absolutely Orwellian environment, and has acted accordingly. We've said before that the funniest thing is the surprise on Arlen Specter and John Kerry's faces when they bloviate about this stuff.

(NB: bloviate = promise, delay and then table a thorough investigation.
NB2: We proudly note that we spelled 'innocuous' right without spellcheck.)

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