23 July 2006

Floyd fills the void

American Floyd Landis is cruising to Le Tour victory on the streets of Paris even as we type, allowing commercials to store up in the TiVo. You may have heard that Landis has a degenerative right hip which is going to be replaced (just like an 85-year-old grandmother's,) after the Tour. You may also have heard that the two men who could almost certainly have beaten Landis, Team T Mobile's Jan Ullrich and Team CSC's Ivan Basso, were banned from the tour the night before it started, along with several others.

It's been a very exciting Tour to watch, at least half the stages have had edge-of-seat finishes, and in our offices more than one drink was spilled urging Landis up the Alps, but I have to confess I feel a little sorry for all the French and European fans who were so desperate to have a non-American win this year, after seven in the desert.

But just a little sorry. And I can console myself with this: See It Now

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