12 September 2006

E. J. sees the Dems as 'half-full...'

And not 'of themselves':

E. J. Dionne Jr. - Democrats Answer Cheney - washingtonpost.com

Frankly, he's trying to put lipstick on a donkey and tell you it's a pig, or something. And God bless him for trying to sell the idea that Dems are worth their weight in shinola, but we for one will believe it when they actually take back one house of congress, which should be happening sometime before 2018, but first we have to make it to 2018. Which, good luck.

Standing Eight oddsmakers still hold the notion of a 1-house Dem takeback as a 3 to 1 dog. We're pulling for Webb in VA, and Whatsisname in PA, but mainly b/c Santorum and Allen are so loathsome. If you think we're wrong, take our action. We will put our money where our e-mouth is. To a point. We'll even let you count Leiberman and Lamont as Dems.

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