26 August 2006

Politician Gets Subpoena, World Continues Spinning

Well, I suppose Markos put this up because it's good news for Harold Ford and persons hoping for a Dem takeover of the Senate. And good news it is, but let's not burst into gleeful rounds of 'happy days are here again' just yet please, Dems.

There's work to be done all over the rust belt and all over New England and all over the south in both house's races. Our prescription: keep the eyes on the prize and for Gaia's sake don't celebrate until the recounts are over; even then the celebrations should be limited because there will be much work to be done. (The 'prize' here being merely the right to exercise some oversight and restore some accountability, which should be enough to keep the ship of state from running aground.)

Daily Kos: TN-Sen: Corker (R) hit with subpoena

If anyone is keeping tabs, Standing Eight still officially believes that Dems will not take back either house, and that all reports to the contrary are either pie-eyed optimism or Republican efforts to take the wind out of Dem's fundraising sails. However, back in Oct. '05 we put the odds of a one-house takeback at 4 to 1 against, and we would cautiously upgrade that to 2 to 1 against now. Hardly the smart money, but less of a longshot.

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