03 November 2006

Not as tasty as push pops

It's about time that the push polls from Common Sense [name of state] that TPM and co have been pointing to for a week got some attention in a real paper:

Last-Minute Push Polls Send Some Voters Over the Edge -

Note that even though this article is about only GOP push polling, the party is not identified in the headline, so headline-only readers will assume it's one more thing that, "both sides do equally." This is simply not true. Dems are not above dirty tricks, but they by and large do adhere to certain principles, and while there are any number of distasteful Dem ads out there now, I defy anyone to show me a Dem push-poll or phone jam or voter intimidation effort or any other illegal electioneering. This is the choice we face on Tuesday. It's not about Bush and it's definitely not about Kerry. It's about listening to the better angels of our nature and choosing checks and balances; or continuing to obey our worst instincts and ordering up two more years of one-party rule. I've already voted and you can probably guess how, but I still have no prediction, aside from a familiar tightness in my gut, as to what the country will decide on Tuesday. I try to soothe my trepidation with Josh Marshall's new mantra: "Feel the wave. Be the wave." I'll let the WaPo have the last word:

"People who know won't be fooled," [Sate Sen. Lawlah] said. "It's the people who don't keep up with politics they are trying to reach."
If that's you then read the article at the link above.

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