08 November 2006

Off Topic, but important:

Okay, this is just about the craziest thing I have ever seen:

Hussein Asks Iraqi Factions to Reconcile - washingtonpost.com

Let's see if Bush can be as conciliatory and magnanimous at his presser later today. Granted there's no noose hanging over his head, but he may feel as though there is.

Back on topic, things to keep in mind this week: Rove is actually more of a genius when it comes to recounting and litigating close elections (read, better at election theft,) than he is at winning outright. So look for him to pull every last rabbit out of every last hat in the 6-10 House races and 2 Senate races that look contestable. And how much of the whiny baby party can they afford to look like trying to contest 10 house elections while they're also trying to win a war. I'd be tempted to say it's shameful, if I thought that shame was an extant emotion in DC.

And please note that they berated Kerry and Gore for belaboring these drawn out counts, and now they are going to do the exact same thing. Hypocrisy. And you can bet that they will complain about the election machinery too, even though any flaws in the process are their fault, and even though they belittled Dems for complaining about the same things in past elections. Double hypocrisy. See TPM probably all week long for more on this.

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