29 November 2005

Dare We Even Think It?

Looks like a certain semi-famous semi-fat semi-hairless longtime mentor and political advisor to a certain United States President may be going down, and soon, by way of plea or indictment, Q.V. two respectable-and-generally-well-
sourced-if-undeniably-biased blogosphere posts:

Washington Monthly: See It Now.
Raw Story (Source for above, but check out both if you're interested in how the gossip is separated from, and then folded back into the story:) See It Now.

Standing Eight is not in the business of playing "telephone" so may we suggest that you read the above posts and see if they don't, in your own (clearly quite facile,) mind, cut the legs out from yesterday's lede (yes that's how we spell it,) on this story, viz. that whatever Ms. Novak had to say would tend to exonerate "Official A". (We seriously can't bring ourselves to put his name here for fear of breaking the spell.)

As Drudge says: --developing--

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