03 November 2005

The P no longer stands for "Propaganda"

The schmuck who tried to turn PBS and NPR into FoxNews "resigned ahead of," a CPB report that basically painted him a criminal.

See It Now

By the way, Standing Eight has no theoretical problem with the existence of FoxNews, it's just that we've already got one, and they don't need to annex Jim Lehrer. That said, Standing Eight is 100 percent behind any politician who wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, which Reagan tossed overboard back in his dismantlin' days, and which if reinstated would basically necessitate the immediate cessation of all FoxNews broadcasting in this country. That would merely be a pleasant by-product, however, of a very sound political and long-term- public-weal-type decision. Like the sound of a livable environment for the next couple hundred years? Like the sound of a better educated populace better able to compete in the dawning century? Fix your TV news first, and the rest will follow.

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