10 November 2005

Memory Hole Alert #2

Fresh from their much-ballyhoo'd refresher ethics classes, your friends at the White House fundamentally altered a McClellan statement from the Oct. 31 briefing when they posted the briefing transcript online, sliding another one down the memory hole while you weren't looking (unless you were.)

David Gregory basically said we know Rove and Libby were involved with the leak whether or not there was any illegality. At this point McClellan responded, (and as attendees if not graduates of a very fine J-school, we stake our entire quoting ability and credibility on this,) McClellan said, "That's accurate." But the transcript says he said, "I don't think that's accurate," which is somewhat different.

Don't trust J-School drop-outs? We don't blame you, but this is not a right-wing site where you'd be asked to just take our word for it. The video is available online, and you can See It Now. There is no mumbling or half-uttered, "I don't think that's..." nothing remotely like it. The transcript is a lie. In fact Standing Eight predicts that within a day or two they'll have had to "correct" or "retract" the incorrect transcript, at which point they will pull it offline entirely, as they always do with Bush's flubs or any unorthodoxy that slips through the suffocating grip of their Message Control. Luckily, you are smart enough to read Standing Eight, so you won't be fooled (again.)

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