07 January 2006

Ah, but how would you feel about him "if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?"

Explain the above title.

So you'll probably recall the mild battle that ended in mid-December between McCain, (anti-torture sensible party) and the Bush Admin, notably Cheney (pro-torture silly party.) And you'll probably remember that the media gave McCain a win once the "McCain Torture Amendment" was signed into law by Bush. But you may have missed the fact that after signing the law with much fanfare, Bush then signed another document claiming he could basically ignore said law at his own imperial whim. They're called 'signing statements' and they've become very popular with this president. Of course there was little (actually no,) fanfare about this last bit, Bush wants you to think he's against torture. Just one more shiny new tool in his propaganda shed. What can we do but note it here with a sad sigh (sigh.)

Here is a short but sweet statement from McCain regarding the signing statement. It is to be hoped that he will pick this fight up again and, as he promised in December, not rest until this is resolved. Having gotten his amendment through, he needs to fight to see it enforced. Half Measures Avail Us Nothing. See It Now.

Here's the text of the statement, since McCain's website has a suspicious tendency to have technical problems when you try to read it (as in, "technically Bush hates McCain, and would like to see him (legally,) tortured. Again."):

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, Jan 04, 2006

"We believe the President understands Congress's intent in passing by very large majorities legislation governing the treatment of detainees included in the 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations and Authorization bills. The Congress declined when asked by administration officials to include a presidential waiver of the restrictions included in our legislation. Our Committee intends through strict oversight to monitor the Administration's implementation of the new law."

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