14 January 2006

Shelley Winters - RIP

(Note to regular Eighters: we will be dropping the editorial 'we' in this post because it involves a first person story that happened to 'one of us'. Don't worry, 'we' will be back.)

No link here, but it has hit the wires that Oscar Winner Shelley Winters died, or as you may know her, "Roseanne's Grandmother" from Roseanne. This is indeed sad, but I'm sure she lived a good life and takes many good memories with her.

One memory she probably won't take with her, because it wouldn't have been important to her, was when she semi-intentionally shoved me and was then quite rude about it, implying that I had spilled her drink, during the intermission of a Broadway play. This was Kander and Ebb's disastrous 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' some ten or more years ago, (which I only saw because a friend of the family was in the cast,) and as I said, she shoved me out of her way quite brusquely to move back toward her seat, spilled something pungent in the process, and then muttered what I am sure was an F-bomb and glared at me expecting apology. I had been standing still (and she outweighed me by at least a hundred pounds,) so apology was not forthcoming, but really there were no hard feelings on my end. After all, how many people ever get shoved by Oscar Winners at Broadway plays? It was to date one of my top five brushes with greatness, (although I can't say I've ever really been a fan of hers.)

Please note that relating this anecdote is in no way intended as a slam. It's really a good memory of mine, and Standing Eight notes her passing with a mild, celebrity-death sadness.

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