13 February 2006

Congressional Democrats: the Seattle Seahawks of Congress

Conventional wisdom (which is neither conventional nor wisdom,) says that the Democrats are either impotent or out of ideas, or afraid to start fights with GWB. Pundits all over the media spectrum are agog at how little pushback they see to Bush's flubs of the past year. Standing Eight has been reserving judgment on this question, hoping that some coherent message might soon emerge from the congressional minority that could propel them to majority status in one house this year. Well judgment is no longer reserved. Things could change, but CW looks to have been right.

We believe that this article (See It Now) detailing Harman and Dashcle's recent comments on the BushCo./NSA domestic spying program is a test balloon for a national Democratic position on the issue. And guess what? It's a nuanced position. They think the spying is "necessary," but that the president "exceeded his legal authority."

How did nuance work out for John Kerry 2 Novembers ago? I seem to remember it served him poorly among moderate voters. How often did we hear that he "voted for the 87 billion before he voted against it"

Well, here's a nuanced political statement that a lot of Americans may be making on Election Day this year, if a certain jackass-mascotted party doesn't get it's act together: "I actually considered voting for the Democrats, before I voted against them."

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