03 February 2006

Pardon our lack of interruption...

...Into your cyber-time of late, we have been out of commission here at The Eight for the last two weeks or so. We won't say that there's been nothing in that time that might have been reported on our pages, but the SOTU is almost always a non-story, never more so than this year. Hindsight being average, we feel justified in ignoring it here.

If you're looking for some Standing Eight-Style outrage, stay tuned in the coming days, and to hold you over, this is pretty disgusting:

jasmynecannick.com: White Anti-Gay Group to Protest King Funeral

Not to be cute, but when we say 'outrage' that's not totally accurate. Most of the things we link you to here at The Eight would have outraged us some years ago, but outrage requires surprise. And these sorts of things, like Bush speeches and Superbowl blowouts, are no longer surprising.

Although technically the Standing Eight Sports Book is predicting a very close (<3) style="font-style: italic;">betting money.)

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