12 February 2006

Same Post New Title: Cheney's Got a Gun

Q: What makes Bush's Chinese door blooper look like the Gettysburg address?
A: How about Cheney shooting a hunting partner in the face? Sound too good to be true? Then you haven't read today's WaPo, or probably any other paper. See It Now.

Since the guy was with the veep, we assume he'll be getting the very best of medical care, and the article makes it seem that he will in all likelihood be fine. In that spirit, let's place the over/under on the number of consecutive days that Letterman will joke about this in the monologue before skipping a day. Anyone? It's the monologue only, no desk chat, no audience games. And the offer is rescinded if the guy takes a turn for the worse; lowbrow is one thing, but tasteless quite another. One thing we will not do, rest well assured, is disappear this post down the memory hole.

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