01 March 2006

Congress Shall Make D'oh Law...

22% of us (ugly americans,) can name all 5 Simpsons (Maggie, being who you're forgetting if you only thought of four, Abe doesn't count.) But only .1 (that's point one,) percent of us can list all 5 first amendment freedoms. We suspect that most Eighters can complete both lists.

See It Now

And hey, it's probably a good thing, since in the current climate the Simpsons may well last longer than archaic freedoms like speech religion press petition and assembly. Assembly's almost gone already.

Of course, some say the chief freedom that the first amendment protects is our right to be stupid, ignorant, wrong-headed, hater-ish and foxnewsy (some of these our coinages.) So it's doing its job no matter how few out of a thousand could list its protections.

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