07 March 2006

RIBH (Rest In Baseball Heaven) Kirby Puckett

We are saddened to learn today of the passing of Kirby Puckett following complications from a stroke he suffered on Sunday. You'll get no home run totals or career summing-up here, only the following sincere compliment, which may be equally true for about a billion baseball fans: though we've never especially liked the Twins, we have always especially liked Kirby.



Knock Ty Cobb on his ass when you see him. He deserves it.

--LATE UPDATE-- Actually, after reading the Times obit above, Standing Eight officially has no dog in the Puckett/Cobb fight in Baseball Heaven, they may both 'deserve it.' Whatever 'it' is. This could be the first time Standing Eight has 'spoken too soon,' and if our ombudsman recommends it we'll correct or retract at the appropriate time.

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