07 March 2006

What about the atheists in the foxholes?

If you saw a headline that read: "Seminaries threaten to stop sending chaplains to military" you might suspect that the seminaries in question were some of the more liberal ones that dot our fine nation's blue-state coasts, GTU in Berkeley, Union in Manhattan, and so on.

That's certainly what we assumed until we hit the link below and saw that the seminaries Army Times' article refers to are about as far from liberal as you can get: Temple Baptist Seminary (Chattanooga,) and GWB's own controversial '00 campaign stop, Bob Jones University.

See It Now

So let's have a big Standing Eight cheer for TBS and BJU, for being willing to admit that one's Christian faith can be incompatible with American Imperialism, and that when it comes to hypocrisy, a finite number of straws can break a camel's back. Or to quote either Rozencrantz or Guildenstern, which is to say Tom Stoppard:

Consistency is all I ask
Opportunity is all I seek
Give us this day
Our daily week

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