27 October 2005

Brava, Brave Broad

News and commentary from the Dog Bites Man Department

Standing Eight Count would like to give a Cheer, a Thumbs-Up, or a Tip of The Cap to three-time WNBA MVP Sheryl Swoopes for "coming out," but those phrases are trademarked by TV Guide, Roger Ebert and TV's newest and perhaps pre-eminent pompous pundit, Stephen Colbert. So we'll just say we're proud of you, Ms. Swoopes. It took orange and white striped balls.

And yes, some of you will say, a complimentary Jeer or Thumb-Down or Wag of the Finger would probably be appropriate for her ethically shaky decision to express her lesbianism by way of a secret relationship with her team's assistant coach, but we at Standing Eight realize that these things happen, and frankly think the bigger Jeer goes to the NY Times for feeling the story needed a negative angle. (Standing Eight can hardly be blamed for mentioning it, though. We are merely an infant squirrel thinking about trying to get a nut.)

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