29 October 2005

Casting Call

Here's an interesting game some Standing Eight regulars have been playing around the virtual water cooler: Casting the inevitable ChromeDome scandal movies. It's pretty self explanatory. Take a look, and feel free to add new castings and new roles to be cast. After all, only in working together will we defeat this thing. We have listed our choices on a rough high-to-low preference, but we also conceive of four possible categories: All-Time, Oscar Contender, Movie of the Week, and the optional last category, a spoof in the manner of the Watergate spoof "Dick" (don't flag us for content, that's the title of the film.) Action!

Patrick Fitzgerald: Jimmy Stewart, Joseph Cotten, Kevin Spacey, Martin Donovan, John Cusack, Michael Moriarty (cheating since he already played a hardball attorney for about a quarter-century.) Clearly all the hottest actors will be vying for this role.

Scooter Libby: Jon Stewart (think about it,) William Devane

Karl Rove: Russell Crowe, Brian Dennehy

Amb. Joe Wilson: Tom Hanks

Ms. Wilson/Valerie Plame/"codename flashfalcon": Marlee Matlin (think about it, she could also play Mary Matalin, for obvious though inappropriate reasons.) Meryl Streep, Felicity Huffman

Judy Miller: Judy Davis, Catherine O'Hara

Matt Cooper: Stephen Root

Tim Russert: Darrell Hammond?

Novak: Gary Oldman

Jeff Gannon: Tom Cruise

Bob Luskin: Harrison Ford

Scott McClellan: Kevin James

And if there's any justice in the world (an "if" statement on which Standing Eight has no official position,) Wes Anderson will write and direct and the Coen Brothers will produce.

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Anonymous said...

So what about Ellen Degeneres as Valerie Plame?
Kevin Corrigan as Scooter Libby...?