23 October 2005

Memory Hole Alert

Two of our favorite Wide Media Disseminators, TiVo and the WaPo, tried to slide corporate accountability down the memory hole while you weren't looking this weekend. A story that topped the Washington Post website at midday under the headline, "Unisys Accused of Overcharging Taxpayers," now (early 23 October,) tops the site under a new sanitized headline: "Tech Firm Accused of Overcharging Taxpayers."
And that's not all. NOW, the lefty PBS newsmag that used to have Bill Moyers and be great, tapes late in the week and appears on most PBS stations all weekend. In Standing Eight Count's TiVo Guide, the Friday night NOW's second story was, "VIOXX scandal", and here, (or now, if you will,) it's Sunday night and the same episode of NOW has the same first and third stories, according to TiVo, but the second story is about an "analgesic scandal". We doubt, however, that anyone called David Brancaccio and an editor in the middle of the night to come in and change the story.
We here at Standing Eight are not lawyers, but we have had the misfortune in our travels of spending some time around lawyers, and we can just imagine how boring those two lawyer-to-lawyer calls were at whatever point this weekend.
But four or five people got to bill out at however many hundreds of dollars an hour. And the GDP did increaseth. And Orwell's sleep was no more restless than yours or mine.

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