28 October 2005

A Word From The Paranoid Democrat:

New Theory Of What's Happening Now (NTOWHN):

Harriet Miers was never supposed to get to the Supreme Court: she was a Rove-inspired test balloon, meant to be popped loudly as a distraction on indictment day, thus forcing the mainstream media to divide its focus, thereby sliding indictment day (partially,) under the rug. It's the contemporary equivalent of Rove's now famous self-bugging, back in his salad days in Texas. Here's how Al Franken summarized the news of the day in the cold intro to his Thursday 27 October show (Sundance Channel version,):

"Miers is out, my friends, and I smell blood...not because she fell on her sword, but because I got a paper cut flipping through my newspaper too fast looking for news about PlameGate."

Exactly what Rove et al would have wanted to happen, had Fitzmas come Thursday instead of Friday. Which everyone was pretty sure it would. Knowing Rove as I do, (viz. through anecdotal evidence, poorly-mongered rumor and my own suspicious insinuations,) this all plays out just a little too pat to be 100% unintentional happenstance.

Remember you heard it here first. (Unless you didn't.)

--The opinions of The Paranoid Democrat do not necessarily represent those of Standing Eight Count. Further, Standing Eight would like to point out again that it is not necessary to call every Executive scandal "SomethingGate." We could hearken back to more genteel White House scandals, dubbing this one the ChromeDome scandal once Cheney and Rove are officially entangled. (Knock wood.)--

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