10 December 2005

Corporate Punishment (or: traum arbeit no longer frei)

According to Jayson Blair and Judy Miller's former employer, Paramount (i.e. Viacom,) is going to buy Dreamworks. Wasn't it just 6 or 7 years ago that S. Spielberg and his cohorts (K and G,) founded Dreamworks to get away from the big studio thing, strike out on their own? Ah well, that's fine. Maybe flying solo wasn't the great lifelong artistic satisfaction they had hoped. Maybe they want to work for the same corporate bosses as Letterman and Imus. Maybe they want to go from being just obscenely wealthy to Scrooge MacDuck, drowning-in-krugerands wealthy. That's all right. We don't care.

American Beauty sure was a good movie, though.

Actually, perhaps we at Standing Eight will follow their lead. It's not much fun out here in the cyber-boonies being read only by a bunch of college friends and future in-laws (whazzup!!!) Maybe we'll enter negotiations to become the official leftish blog of the General Electric Corporation. (Slate is faux-left. Corporate left, if you will.)

We're sorry. We said some things in the heat of the moment that we didn't really mean. It's plenty o' fun out here in the boonies, and we love our readership. Forgive us?

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