11 December 2005

Novak and Luskin and Rove (oh my!)

Here's the long awaited 1st-person piece by Viveca Novak on what she told Fitzy. It's more or less what the scuttlebutt had said it would be, viz. ambiguous enough to keep both sides hopeful. It's not great for those rooting for more indictments, but if Fitz is 75% as suspicious of Rove as we are (which he's almost got to be, it is his job, and he does seem to be good at it and quite dogged,) then it shouldn't be entirely exculpatory. It's more likely that Rove/Luskin's cover story is just that, cover. Of vital importance now are the phone logs in Rove's office, and the Ralston angle. Now another longish wait begins to see what will be Fitzy's next move. We are lead to believe that he will be presenting the V. Novak deposition to the grand jury; from there your guess is as good as anyone else's, including Novak and Luskin and Rove (and Ralston and Hadley and Bush, and Libby and Cheney and Bob, oh my oh my oh my.) The 'Bob' there being Woodward or Novak, take your pick if you can tell them apart anymore.

The Time article notes dryly that "by mutual agreement," V. Novak is on a leave of absence.

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