20 December 2005

People riding in a hole in the ground temporarily suspended

We'll put our dollars against your doughnuts (if you promise not to tell,) that O'Reilly calls the transit strike in NYC, "part of a coordinated campaign by these liberal, secular ACLU wackos, to obliterate our holy feast of Christmas. Jesus Christ I hate these god-damned liberals." (Sorry language police, that's O'Reilly talking, not us.)

We will not, however, monitor O'Reilly to see if these predictions come to pass. And he may be off for vacation, vigilantly observing the birth of our lord. We can just see the look on his face as he opens up his new loofah.

And what a stupid way to spell O'Riley, are we right folks? (My spellchecker calls him oriole behind his back. Snicker snicker.)

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